Faux Felt

It looks like felt, it feels like felt, it is, Metro Acoustic Faux Felt Wallcovering! Metro's Faux Felt wallcovering brings optimal soundproofing acoustical benefits to any space while providing a felt finish available in twenty-five colors. Built for bio-responsibility and healthy environments, our Faux Felt wraps any wall for a calming quiet sound clarity and control.

  • Hint

    Hint 61-J08

  • Tomato

    Tomato 61-J09

  • Snow

    Snow 61-J01

  • In The Dark

    In The Dark 61-J10

  • Seafoam

    Seafoam 61-J0

  • Thundersnow

    Thundersnow 61-J19

  • Cloud

    Cloud 61-J03

  • Bluebell

    Bluebell 61-J04

  • Heather

    Heather 61-J05

  • Cyan

    Cyan 61-J06

  • Seaweed

    Seaweed 61-J07

  • Cobalt

    Cobalt 61-J20

  • Shinning Moment

    Shinning Moment 61-J30

  • Fuzzy Brown

    Fuzzy Brown 61-J31

  • Uppity Grey

    Uppity Grey 61-J47

  • Jolly Jade

    Jolly Jade 61-J60

  • Feeling Blue

    Feeling Blue 61-J61

  • Zesty Orange

    Zesty Orange 61-J62

  • Red Hot

    Red Hot 61-J67

  • Prickly Purple

    Prickly Purple 61-J68

  • Frosty

    Frosty 61-J84

  • Tepid Taupe

    Tepid Taupe 61-J85

  • Black Coal

    Black Coal 61-J88

  • Smudgy

    Smudgy 61-J92

  • White

    White 61-J93


Backing: Fused Poly

Fire Rating: Class A ASTM E-84 / CAN/ULC-S102*

NRC Rating: 0.20

Roll Width: 63 inches

Roll Size/Length: 30 yards

Weight: 25 ounces ply

*CAN/ULC-S102 available upon request

We are pleased to offer a convenient sample program.
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