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Evans & Brown

Mark Evans & Charley Brown head the modern-day atelier Evans & Brown, specializing in art for public spaces: murals, trompe l’oeil, and other special effects.  Evans & Brown started nearly 30 years ago as the culmination of years of travel and study in France and Italy.  Their groundbreaking designs helped change the character of commercial wallcovering, propelled by their artist and designer driven aesthetic that is both exciting and fresh to the marketplace.


Wallcovering Portfolio Collections

Lighthouses - New London

Lighthouses - Portland

Lighthouses - Florida

Mantegna Venato

Mantegna Verdi

Seguso Helena

Seguso Pauline

Mantegna Medici

Mantegna Ivory

Mantegna Bibieni

Mantegna Mantua

Murano Ariosto - Installation

Murano Austen

Murano Ariosto

Murano Rimbaud

Murano Byron

Museum Stripes Musique - Installation Image

Museum Stripes Musique Golden

Museum Stripes Musique

Mona Lisa Abaco Trade Sample

Museum Stripes Mona Lisa

Museum Stripes Whistler's Mother

Museum Stripes Birth Of Venus

Rideau Syrie - Installation Image

Rideau Syrie

Rideau Emilio

Rideau Elsie

Rideau Carlos

Rideau Gabrielle

Seguso Isadora Silver Nassau - Installation Image

Seguso Alexandra

Seguso Isadora

Seguso Victoria

Seguso Beatrice

Seguso Eugenie

Ships America's Cup

Ships America's Cup - Installation Image

Ships Yacht Race Near Lighthouse

Still life - Installation Image

Still Life

Tuscan Village Hill Town - Installation Image

Tuscan Village Panorama

Veronese Nabucco - Installation Image

Veronese Figaro

Veronese Rigoletto

Veronese Otelo

Veronese Nabucco

Veronese Traviata

Veronese Manon

Veronese Parsifal

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