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Kenneth Greg

Kenneth Gregg’s enthusiasm for photography, combined with his painterly style, using a minimum of digital manipulation, creates sensitive and contemplative images well-suited for both hospitality and residential decor.

Wallcovering Portfolio Collections

Bark KG101-02

Koi KG100-011


Dew Grass KG101-03

Eucalyptus KG101-04

Fan Palm KG101-05

Fern KG101-06

Koi KG100-02

Koi KG100-03

Magnolia KG102-02

Nature KG101-01

Palm Leaves KG101-07

Philodendron KG101-08

Red Palm KG101-09

Sand KG101-10

Serenity KG102-01

Stream KG101-11

Sunflower KG102-04

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