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Leon Rosenblatt

As an artist, illustrator, designer and journalist for many years, Leon Rosenblatt has documented and worked on projects with many personalities like Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenber and Cristo, just to name a few. Leon's innovative graphic drawings and creative artisitc processes are reflected in his unique images. 

Wallcovering Portfolio Collections

Celestite Cluster - Onyx - Installation Image

Celestite Cluster - Indigo

Celestite Cluster -Onyx

Celestite Cluster - Snowflake

Chalice - Snowflake - Installation Image

Chalice - Snowflake

Chalice - Onyx

Chalice - Rosetta

Elestial Blossom - Onyx - Installation Image

Elestial Blossom - Mist

Elestial Blossom - Onyx

Elestial Blossom - Sand

Lindulina - Rose - Installation Image

Lindulina - Grey

Lindulina - Mist

Lindulina - Rose

Origins - Midnight - Installation Image

Origins - Midnight

Origins - Ocher

Origins - Snowflake

Salviano - Ocher - Installation Image

Salviano - Crimson Rose

Salviano - Mist

Salviano - Ocher

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