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Kurt Johnson

Kurt Johnson has over 35 years of professional photography experience.  Beginning his photography career as a photojournalist, Kurt later moved into architectural photography, working for some of the nation’s largest architectural and engineering firms. Kurt is an AIAP certified architectural photographer. His natural images combined with his innate understanding of the benefits of biophilic design, ultimately led to his nature photography being featured in healthcare facilities throughout the country, including the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Wallcovering Portfolio Collections

Botanical Slices 1

Botanical Slices 2

Grasses Slices

Interpretations 2-Ink Outlines

Interpretations 3-Dark Clouds

Interpretations 5-Clouds

Interpretations 6-Dark Clouds

Interpretations 7-Skinny Tree Ink Outlines

Interpretations 8- Omaha Beach

Interpretations 9-School House Fade to BW


KJ Flowers 1

KJ Flowers 10

KJ Flowers 11

KJ Flowers 12

KJ Flowers 13

KJ Flowers 14

KJ Flowers 15

KJ Flowers 16

KJ Flowers 17

KJ Flowers 3

KJ Flowers 4

KJ Flowers 5

KJ Flowers 6

KJ Flowers 7

KJ Flowers 8

KJ Grasses Leaves 10

KJ Grasses Leaves 11

KJ Grasses Leaves 12

KJ Grasses Leaves 13

KJ Grasses Leaves 14

KJ Grasses Leaves 2

KJ Grasses Leaves 3

KJ Grasses Leaves 4

KJ Grasses Leaves 5

KJ Grasses Leaves 6

KJ Grasses Leaves 7

KJ Grasses Leaves 8

KJ Grasses Leaves 9

KJ Landscapes 1

KJ Landscapes 2

KJ Landscapes 3

KJ Landscapes 5

KJ Landscapes 6

KJ Landscapes 7

KJ Landscapes 8

KJ Landscapes 9

KJ Textures 1

KJ Textures 3

KJ Textures 4

KJ Textures 5

KJ Wildlife 1

KJ Wildlife 10

KJ Wildlife 2

KJ Wildlife 3

KJ Wildlife 4

KJ Wildlife 5

KJ Wildlife 6

KJ Wildlife 7

KJ Wildlife 8

Landcapes Slices 1

Landcapes Slices 2

Leaves Grasses


Tree Slices

Trees Leaves Grasses 2

Wildlife Slices

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