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Botanica Magna by Astek.

October 01,2020

Botanica Magna by Astek - Now Available!

Botanica Magna challenges the viewer to perceive the world from the ground up. Large-scale botanical murals feature immersive environments of towering cacti, larger-than-life flowers, and exaggerated mushrooms, among other fantastical flora.

Virtual Flip Book of the Newest Arte Collections.

July 01,2020

View a virtual flipbook of all the newest Arte collections, now available at Metro Wallcoverings. 

They have Arrived! A vinyl wallcovering collection with a fashion forward palette.

June 15,2020

Thousands of Bleach Cleanable Wallcoverings, for all markets.

June 11,2020

Disinfecting Non-Porous Wallcovering - The Reality of Our New Tomorrow.

May 29,2020

Disinfecting Non-Porous Wallcovering- The Reality of Our New Tomorrow

Check out Metro Wallcoverings latest article by Ron Senger, the Director of Architectural Products Sales Development. 

Tapetex 68 by Tapetex.

May 01,2020

Tapetex 68 by Tapetex - Now Available !  
Tapetex, the masters in textile wallcoverings since 1975, introduce their newest book Tapetex 68, maintaining the ancient Europeans linen tradition.  Linen, best grown in Europe in cool damp regions, like northern France and Belgium, flourish in a cyclical process, integrating perfectly with Tapetex’s sustainable manufacturing process.

Flex Decorative Wall Protection by Koroseal.

April 30,2020

Flex Decorative Wall Protection by Koroseal - Now Available ! 
Flex Decorative Wall Protection combines the aesthetic appeal of wallcovering with added durability to protect your walls. Flex is a 35 oz. ply heavy-duty, woven-backed, flexible, bleach cleanable wallcovering that is manufactured in 27 yd. rolls allowing for an easy installation. Available in a variety of beautiful patterns and an array of colors, Flex is best suited for high-traffic areas subject to abrasion, soiling, and wear.

Korogard Wall Protection by Koroseal.

April 30,2020

Korogard Wall Protection by Koroseal - Now Available ! 
Based on extensive research with the A&D community and emerging color trends, Korogard has refreshed the color palette for wall protection products. Ranging from warm and cool grays, soothing blues, soft neutrals, and bright whites, these 19 new Korogard colors add a contemporary and comforting palette to our full line of standard colors. All Korogard Wall Protection is bleach cleanable. 

Essentials - Modulaire by Arte.

April 29,2020

 Essentials - Modulaire by Arte - Now Available ! 
This collection is intriguingly infinite, like an ingenious labyrinth, with lines, surfaces and objects that stand out for their simplicity. The collection interprets geometry in a new, modernistic way.

Essentials - Travellers by Arte.

April 29,2020

Essentials - Travellers by Arte - Now Available! 
 A surprising mix of designs and motifs takes you on a magical journey, from the dreamy bohemian vibe on the Balearic beaches to the mysterious African jungle. Authentic weaving techniques including macramé and wickerwork, create a vintage touch with a glamorous twist: authentic meets chic.

Lush by Arte.

April 29,2020

Lush by Arte - Now Available !
The rich fabrics of rib velvet, lush botanical prints and sophisticated weaving techniques make Lush a very detailed and luxurious collection. The cool metal accents combine perfectly with the soft, velvet fabrics and complete the look.

Selva by Arte.

April 29,2020

Selva by Arte - Now Available ! 
Selva illustrates the tropical beauty of nature using natural materials, warm hues and rough relief structures. In this tactile collection, the inscrutable jungle serves as the ultimate source of inspiration. 

Moooi Tokyo Blue by Arte.

April 28,2020

Moooi Tokyo Blue by Arte - Now Available ! 
The Indigo Macaque, inspired a new collection within the Extinct Animals Wallcovering Collection; Moooi Tokyo Blue. Five extraordinary wallcoverings of divergent techniques, including denim and marquetry, with Japan’s beautiful and versatile nature and ancient culture as the common denominator.

Kami by Arte.

April 28,2020

Kami by Arte - Now Available !
Kami stimulates all the senses and takes you on a journey of discovery to the Far East where elegance, balance and sophistication are central. The colour palette is on the one hand clear and explosive and on the other perfectly in harmony with the soft and subtle earth tones. 

Khatam by Omexco.

April 27,2020

Khatam by Omexco  - Now Available ! 

A timeless collection of contemporary neutral tones and shades contrasted with striking jewel colours of peacock blue, charcoal, leaf green and red rust. Intimately connected with nature, the Khatam collection is authentic, elegant and entirely suited to modern living.

Seraya by Omexco.

April 27,2020

Seraya by Omexco - Now Available ! 

A book of Luxury, Seraya is an ode to the Earth and all its splendours. Awakening our deepest senses, this collection fills spaces with serenity and fulfillment.

Loft by Omexco.

April 27,2020

Loft by Omexco - Now Available ! 

Inspired by wall patinas weathered by the depths of history, this new collection blends non-woven prints and resplendent minerals: glass beads and mica sparkles. A subtle interplay between shadow and light, matt and shine, on unique designs inspired by nature or geometry. 

Ephemeral by Astek.

April 15,2020

Ephemeral by Astek - Now Available ! 

Ephemeral captures the transitory moments of discovery in the art-making process. Painters' palettes are photographed in flux, immortalizing the unexpected beauty that occurs when pigments and textures collide. The result is a collection of painterly murals exploring abstract color and tactile form.

Reatec for Doors.

March 23,2020

Check out the latest video showing the door application of Reatec Architectural Film! 


Sketch by Hooked on Walls.

March 06,2020

Sketch by Hooked on Walls - Now Available ! 

Sketch your way through the unknown, with Hooked on Walls newest collection. What will follow is an intriguing journey, where lines will gather together.

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