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Internationally renowned, REPUBLIC OF II BY IV, Canadian founded in 1990 by partners Dan Menchions and Keith Rushbrook. Continually travelling the world, they seek out art, architecture, fashion, theatre, food and culture to fuel their imaginations, while inspiring globally celebrated designs. 
The creatively designed digital collections is an array of modern geometrics inspired by nature. Each pattern from the collection can be fully customized, scaled to any size without losing details and printed on any Koroseal Digital Print Substrate.

Wallcovering Portfolio Collections

Avro - Installation Image

Avro - Delta

Avro - First Flight

Avro - Kenora

Avro - Oil Spring

Avro - Silver Dollar

Avro - Sonic

Avro Gradient - Installation Image

Avro Gradient - Floyd

Avro Gradient - Orenda

Avro Gradient - Ayr

Avro Gradient - Malton

Avro Gradient - Neys

Avro Gradient - Pearson

Beacon - Installation Image

Beacon - Coastline

Beacon - Lunenburg

Beacon - Sable

Beacon - Warren

Cherry Blossom - Installation Image

Cherry Blossom - High Park

Cherry Blossom - May

Cherry Blossom - Riverside

Cherry Blossom - Sakura

City Lights - Installation Image

City Lights - Granville

City Lights - Yonge

City Lights - Beaconsfield

City Lights - Skyline

Organics - Current

Floe - Installation Image

Floe - Glacier

Floe - Tilting

Floe - Chasm

Floe - Fogo

Organics - Installation Image

Organics - Hydro

Organics - Solar

Organics - Tesla

Wheat Fields - Installation Image

Wheat Fields - Harvest

Wheat Fields - Horizon

Wheat Fields - Lancer

Wheat Fields - Swift

Wild Woods

Wildwoods - Algonquin

Wildwoods - Boreal

Wildwoods - GrosMorne

Wildwoods - Jasper

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