/ Mold & Mildew Statement

Mold & Mildew Statement

Vinyl Wallcovering has a multitude of characteristics that allow it to provide an attractive and serviceable wall surface. One of the characteristics of vinyl wallcovering is very low moisture permeability. Therefore, it is important to assure that there are no deficiencies in the design, construction and maintenance of a building that allows moisture to accumulate in a wall cavity. The use of a vinyl wallcovering in such a deficient circumstance would result in the vinyl wallcovering acting as a vapor barrier and restricting the passage of the moisture and increasing the chance of mold growth. It is recommended that walls be checked with a suitable moisture meter prior to installation and the moisture content should not exceed 4%. Wallcovering should not be installed on a wall until water/moisture incursion has been eliminated. On renovation projects, examine walls that are to receive wallcovering and assure they do not exhibit any mold/mildew.

All mold and mildew must be removed and surfaces treated to inhibit future growth. In order to reduce the risk of mold/mildew, Koroseal Interior Products, LLC utilizes an inhibitor in the wallcovering. The company can also provide a service of microventing the wallcovering whereby more than 25,000 micro-holes/sq. ft. are fused through the vinyl thereby making it permeable.

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