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Tapetex 68 by Tapetex.

May 01,2020

Tapetex 68 by Tapetex - Now Available !  
Tapetex, the masters in textile wallcoverings since 1975, introduce their newest book Tapetex 68, maintaining the ancient Europeans linen tradition.  Linen, best grown in Europe in cool damp regions, like northern France and Belgium, flourish in a cyclical process, integrating perfectly with Tapetex’s sustainable manufacturing process.

Flex Decorative Wall Protection by Koroseal.

April 30,2020

Flex Decorative Wall Protection by Koroseal - Now Available ! 
Flex Decorative Wall Protection combines the aesthetic appeal of wallcovering with added durability to protect your walls. Flex is a 35 oz. ply heavy-duty, woven-backed, flexible, bleach cleanable wallcovering that is manufactured in 27 yd. rolls allowing for an easy installation. Available in a variety of beautiful patterns and an array of colors, Flex is best suited for high-traffic areas subject to abrasion, soiling, and wear.

Korogard Wall Protection by Koroseal.

April 30,2020

Korogard Wall Protection by Koroseal - Now Available ! 
Based on extensive research with the A&D community and emerging color trends, Korogard has refreshed the color palette for wall protection products. Ranging from warm and cool grays, soothing blues, soft neutrals, and bright whites, these 19 new Korogard colors add a contemporary and comforting palette to our full line of standard colors. All Korogard Wall Protection is bleach cleanable. 

Khatam by Omexco.

April 27,2020

Khatam by Omexco  - Now Available ! 

A timeless collection of contemporary neutral tones and shades contrasted with striking jewel colours of peacock blue, charcoal, leaf green and red rust. Intimately connected with nature, the Khatam collection is authentic, elegant and entirely suited to modern living.

Seraya by Omexco.

April 27,2020

Seraya by Omexco - Now Available ! 

A book of Luxury, Seraya is an ode to the Earth and all its splendours. Awakening our deepest senses, this collection fills spaces with serenity and fulfillment.

Loft by Omexco.

April 27,2020

Loft by Omexco - Now Available ! 

Inspired by wall patinas weathered by the depths of history, this new collection blends non-woven prints and resplendent minerals: glass beads and mica sparkles. A subtle interplay between shadow and light, matt and shine, on unique designs inspired by nature or geometry. 

Ephemeral by Astek.

April 15,2020

Ephemeral by Astek - Now Available ! 

Ephemeral captures the transitory moments of discovery in the art-making process. Painters' palettes are photographed in flux, immortalizing the unexpected beauty that occurs when pigments and textures collide. The result is a collection of painterly murals exploring abstract color and tactile form.

Reatec for Doors.

March 23,2020

Check out the latest video showing the door application of Reatec Architectural Film! 


Sketch by Hooked on Walls.

March 06,2020

Sketch by Hooked on Walls - Now Available ! 

Sketch your way through the unknown, with Hooked on Walls newest collection. What will follow is an intriguing journey, where lines will gather together.

Reatec by Koroseal.

February 05,2020

Reatec by Koroseal - Now Available  !

Reatec is a flexible, decorative architectural film that can be used in a variety of applications. With over 700 designs, there is an endless range of possibilities in woods, metals, stones and more, providing a fresh new look for any space. Reatec Architectural Film is a great solution for renovation projects, especially for resurfacing doors, columns, elevator cabs and more. Founded over 40 years ago in Japan, Reatec is expertly produced and perfected.

Expedition by Arte.

February 04,2020

Expedition by Arte - Now Available ! 

The smaller the world becomes digitally, the greater the desire grows to really see some of it. Egypt, Persia, India, Java, China … Expedition is inspired by destinations along the inspiring Silk Road that stimulate all our senses.

Wild Walk by Arte.

February 04,2020

Wild Walk by Arte - Now Available ! 

Join the adventure and discover the looks of the most challenging natural materials found in nature. Combine these with a touch of high-tech to create the luxurious interior of the 21st century.

Essentials Les Nuances by Arte.

February 04,2020

Essentials Les Nuances by Arte - Now Available ! 

“Essentials” are non-woven wallpapers printed with the most innovative techniques that add an extra value to any type of interior. These timeless wallpapers are tactile, radiate warmth and generate a feeling of comfort.

Velveteen by Arte.

February 04,2020

Velveteen by Arte - Now Available ! 

Intriguing, elegant and luxurious, Velveteen gives your interior the most exclusive touch. The soft velvet makes this wallcovering simply irresistible, while the three-dimensional technology provides depth and pronounced structure. 

Portfolio by Omexco.

January 30,2020

Portfolio by Omexco - Now Available ! 

A true homage to textile yarns, the Portfolio collection pays tribute to Omexco’s heritage and expertise as a leading editor of textile wallcoverings.

Versa Impact by Versa Designed Surfaces.

November 14,2019

Versa Impact by Versa Designed Surfaces - Now Available ! 

Beautiful aesthetics with performance approaching that of rigid panels. Wear proof, and resistant to repeated scuffing and impact from carts, luggage, and wheelchairs.Beautiful aesthetics with performance approaching that of rigid panels. Wear proof, and resistant to repeated scuffing and impact from carts, luggage, and wheelchairs.

VersaGuard by Versa Designed Surfaces.

November 14,2019

VersaGuard by Versa Designed Surfaces - Now Available ! 

Tired of scuffed up walls? VersaGuard is more durable than Type II wallcovering and is created for high traffic spaces, and is bleach cleanable for healthcare facilities. 

Paleo by Arte.

October 10,2019

Paleo by Arte - Now Available! 

The Paleo Indians, the oldest native inhabitants of North America, had a colourful lifestyle and fascinating culture. The drawings and colour palette in this collection are inspired by clothes, jewellery and utensils used by this nomadic tribe.

Extinct Animal Collection by Moooi & Arte.

October 10,2019

Extinct Animal Collection by Moooi & Arte  - Now Available! 

Within the Extinct Animals Wallcovering Collection, Moooi, each pattern is inspired by the characteristics of one extinct animal- features and patterns of its fur, plumage or skin. Moooi celebrates nature’s diversity, stimulating to stretch the limits of imagination.

Atelier by Arte.

October 10,2019

Atelier by Arte - Now Available ! 

The Atelier collection has the authentic look of soft, luxurious leather, complete with its natural nuances and irregularities, with hand-stitched leather details.

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