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The Relic Collection.

July 18,2022

The Relic Collection - Now Available! 

Artisans throughout the world have passed down the intricacies of their craft from generation to generation. Koroseal’s Relic Collection is a snapshot of these time-honored techniques and pays homage to the fine craftmanship and attention to detail that continue to be part of society’s cultural fabric.

Stacy Garcia New York for Koroseal.

July 14,2022

New Stacy Garcia New York for Koroseal Designs - Now Available!

Indulge in a collection of wallcoverings which embodies the energy, buildings, and people of the city and draws inspiration from the scenes that fill its streets. With expressively graphic brushstrokes, materials influenced by fashion, and textures derived from the beautiful brownstones that connect the city grid, each pattern within the offering emphasizes the magic amidst the madness in a city brimming with opportunity.

Save time & money with Reatec Architectural Film.

June 14,2022

Reatec Architectural Film - Now Available! 

Reatec provides a fresh new look for any space and can be applied onsite with minimal disruption or down-time - no noise, odor, or debris. A great solution for renovation projects - especially for resurfacing doors, columns, and more. No need to "demo and replace", with Reatec you can "adapt and reuse".
Explore the catalogue with over 800 patterns to discover the infinite possibilities.


Follow your bliss, find your bliss!.

May 26,2022

The Bliss Collection by Reid Witlin - Now Available! 

Experience eternal bliss at your fingertips with this collection of sumptuous performance textiles by Reid Witlin. Explore the nine beautiful patterns that exceed contract standards to help you create the perfect environment.

New Meander Collection by Koroseal.

May 06,2022

Meander Collection by Koroseal - Now Available! 

Let Your Mind Roam - dream. discover. unwind.
It is important to allow time to dream. To escape, if only in your mind. Koroseal’s Meander Collection invites you to take a few minutes and let your mind roam without a plan or purpose. Discover beautiful new textures that add a touch of softness and tranquility to any space, weaves that connect back to the earth providing both structure and movement, an adventurous print reminiscent of a waterfall, and a large geometric design that charts a colorful path. 

Décors & Panoramiques Spring 2022.

March 18,2022

Décors & Panoramiques Spring 2022 Catalogue - Now Available! 

Not only the pattern appeals to the imagination, the material used is also surprising. From velvety soft silk looks and bouclé fabrics to sophisticated linen effects. The hand-painted scenes of the “Panoramiques” are artistic gems and always consist of several panels that together form one panoramic whole. “Décors” are lavish images that make a statement on the wall. These eye-catchers are available by the linear metre, easy to use in any room.

Arte Spring Lookbook.

March 18,2022

Memento Moooi Wallcovering.

March 18,2022

Memento Moooi Wallcovering catalogue - Now Available! 

The Memento Moooi Wallcovering collection is inspired by Extinct Animals remembered for their unique kindness and love for life. Animals that cherished ever y moment of their lives and lived to make beautiful memories. Discover the sharing Mimic Moth, loving Dandelion Cranes, social Golden Tiger, fearless Pogo Goats and peaceful Queen Cobras. This medley of Extinct Animals lived and loved like there would be no tomorrow. 

Black & White Beauties Inspired by The World Around us.

February 11,2022

TAKUMI: Artisan Crafted Wallcovering.

January 31,2022

Takumi: Artisan Crafted Wallcovering - Now Available! 

Takumi, a Japanese word meaning artisan, is the essence of this stunning collection. Natural materials, along with centuries of knowledge passed down through generations, make this selection of wallcoverings unique and timeless.


Clodagh Digital Collection.

November 08,2021

Clodagh Digital Collection - Now Available! 

An insatiable traveler, Clodagh has accumulated a vast trove of photography which has now been translated into her work for Koroseal’s Digital Lab. This introduction features over 50 photographs taken by Clodagh including images of fields, water, trees, graffiti and more that can be translated into beautiful wallcovering murals.

Omexco Collections 2021.

November 08,2021

Omexco Collections 2021 - Now Available! 
Explore the four new highly anticipated Omexco collections, High Performance Textiles, an alternative to vinyl,  Tribu, a contemporary collection of woven wallcoverings that honours ancestral weaving traditions from Asia to Africa, Sycamore, a celebration of natural wood and Ode, for love of linen, the most noble and traditional fabric.

Designer Gallery by York Contract.

November 01,2021

Designer Gallery by York Contract - Now Available !

This capsule of exclusive wallcovering has been created by the finest artisans with their signature, visionary and creative aesthetics for well-appointed commercial environments.  

Stacy Garcia New York | Koroseal.

October 21,2021

Stacy Garcia New York | Koroseal - Now Available! 

For more than two decades, Koroseal has been collaborating with world-renowned designers to create wallcoverings that are fashion-forward and globally inspired, and we are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Stacy Garcia | New York! The Stacy Garcia | New York brand features finely crafted product with a contemporary aesthetic and high art appeal. Each collection is modern and expressive, adding a sophisticated edge to the ever-evolving world of interiors.

Silks & Linens...you can never have enough.

October 15,2021

Silks and Linens Catalogue - Now Available!

Silk and linen wallcoverings, created to feel and look like the luxurious fibres found in the timeless fabrics, a staple in interior design for centuries. One can never have enough silks & linens.

Republic of II by IV Hikari Digital Collection.

September 24,2021

Republic of II by IV Hikari Collection - Now Available! 

Inspired by the relationship of light on various surfaces in nature, each pattern of the digital wallcovering collection, Hikari, designed by Republic of II by IV for Metro Wallcoverings, demonstrates a different property of light.

Patty Madden and Luxe 2021.

September 21,2021

Patty Madden and Luxe 2021 - Now available! 

Luxe Surfaces stands on a design portfolio that sets new standards for vertical surfaces. With their commitment to evolution, every day means something potentially groundbreaking for product development. The possibilities for interior space are mind blowing! Explore the 32 new, innovative digital wallcovering designs and 6 new wallcovering designs sure to inspire. 

Off The Grid.

September 09,2021

Off The Grid Catalogue - Now Available! 

Discover our latest graphic designs like no other…they are truly off the grid.

All Things Koroseal.

August 26,2021

All Things Koroseal - Now Available !

Metro Wallcoverings Proudly Features All Things Koroseal. Explore the most complete interior wall solutions with six product categories to choose from.

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