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Gala by Omexco.

May 09,2019

Gala by Omexco - Now Available!

Gala welcomes us in a magnificent atmosphere, worthy of an evening at the opera - composed around the leitmotiv of damasks, while two timeless plains, one matt and one metallic, complete the range. 

Aruba by Omexco.

May 09,2019

Aruba by Omexco - Now Available! 

This collection takes you to the exotic isle of Aruba, located in the Caribbean sea, using weaves of authentic natural materials and colours inspired by the purity of Aruba's water, light, and palm trees. 

Sculptured Ink by York Studio Source.

May 08,2019

In an exclusive process combining both artisanry and innovation, Studio Source announces the inception of Sculptured Ink- dimensional designs created by skilled craftsmen on century old presses. Handcrafted designs created with the feel of painted luxury. 

Patty Madden by Luxe Surfaces Rebranding.

April 22,2019

Discover the elevated neutrals, saturated hues, and architectural embossing’s in the newly rebranded Patty Madden by Luxe Surfaces. 

Patty Madden has created 10 new inspiring, versatile, spring patterns, where her stylistic leanings span the gambit from the damask to the geometric, with textures and nuanced fabrics in between.

Explore the latest additions Dupione, Fibre Drill, and Pyramid.

Infinity by Omexco.

April 17,2019

Infinity by Omexco - Now Available! 

Discrete, elegant and timeless, yet versatile and ever-surprising... stripes offer infinite possibilities to dress up your walls. With a design as simple as a stripe, Omexco’s new collection ’Infinity’ invites you to discover how refreshing a new interpretation of a very familiar design can be.

Metal X Signum by Arte.

February 08,2019

Metal X Signum by Arte- Now Available! 

Arte has gone a step further and expanded the collection with surprising patterns. The timeless patterns and unique background are really brought to the fore in this collection thanks to the nuanced shades of colour.

Curiosa by Arte.

February 08,2019

Curiosa by Arte  - Now Available! 

Wild animals, tropical flowers and indigenous cultures have intrigued us for centuries. With the Curiosa collection by Arte, there is no need to leave home to set off on a voyage of discovery.

Focus by Arte.

February 08,2019

Focus by Arte - Now Available!

Arte's Focus collection brings your walls to life with the use of relief patterns, dynamic geometric figures and playful reflection of light. 

Takara by Arte.

February 08,2019

Takara by Arte - Now Available! 

Inspired by the Orient and Chinese, Arte further enhances this collection with luxuriant fabrics, like silky-soft suede, gleaming metallics, raw cotton and sophisticated paper weave.

Insolence by Arte.

February 08,2019

Insolence by Arte - Now Available! 

The Roaring Twenties: the decade that will forever be known for the rise of radio, cinema and jazz music. The combination of new palazzo and the lavish style of the Twenties forms the inspiration for the Insolence collection.

Artisan by Arte.

February 08,2019

Artisan by Arte - Now Available! 

This collection is an ode to high-quality, traditional craftsmanship. The wallcovering is made of pure, natural materials, from minerals and grasses to tropical plants. Experienced artisans pleat, weave and dye with boundless passion and patience. They turn these materials by hand into beautiful, unique wallcoverings.

Cantala by Arte.

February 08,2019

Cantala by Arte - Now Available! 

This authentic, graceful collection is named after the Agave cantala, an exotic plant of the Agave family, honouring the pure beauty of natural materials, like sisal, raffia and paper.

Metal X by Arte.

February 08,2019

Metal X by Arte- Now Available! 

This wallcovering collection is an ode to oxidised metal, but thanks to its soft sheen it creates a luxurious effect. Explore the rich contrast combination of Metal X. 

Magnolia Contract.

November 01,2018

Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines- Now Available!

The first time you meet your newborn baby in the hospital delivery room, it’s there in the background. It’s creating ambiance in the restaurant where you share anniversary celebrations, and it’s even fostering creativity among coworkers in the office. I hope to support the designers who are creating these spaces through my line of commercial wallcoverings. Together we can set the stage for these stories to unfold. 

Introducing CDigital Imaging.

September 01,2018

Colour & Design, CDigital Imaging - Now Available!
CDigital, a new division of Colour & Design, using digital surface technology to unleash your creative inspirations. Design without boundries- that's what CDigital Imaging makes possible. 

Arte Joins Forces with Flavor Paper.

September 01,2018

Flavor Paper- Now Available! 

Arte joins forces with Flavor Paper, an American company that specialises in handmade wallcovering depicting extravagant prints. These seemingly straightforward prints have a surprising twist, with names such as  B-A-N-A-N-A-S and Mustachio- Arte's Flavor Paper is a bold collection, sure to turn heads. 

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