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What's New

Magnolia Contract.

November 01,2018

Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines- Now Available!

The first time you meet your newborn baby in the hospital delivery room, it’s there in the background. It’s creating ambiance in the restaurant where you share anniversary celebrations, and it’s even fostering creativity among coworkers in the office. I hope to support the designers who are creating these spaces through my line of commercial wallcoverings. Together we can set the stage for these stories to unfold. 

Introducing CDigital Imaging.

September 01,2018

Colour & Design, CDigital Imaging - Now Available!
CDigital, a new division of Colour & Design, using digital surface technology to unleash your creative inspirations. Design without boundries- that's what CDigital Imaging makes possible. 

Arte Joins Forces with Flavor Paper.

September 01,2018

Flavor Paper- Now Available! 

Arte joins forces with Flavor Paper, an American company that specialises in handmade wallcovering depicting extravagant prints. These seemingly straightforward prints have a surprising twist, with names such as  B-A-N-A-N-A-S and Mustachio- Arte's Flavor Paper is a bold collection, sure to turn heads. 

Introducing Tapetex 67 Nonwoven.

August 04,2018

Tapetex 67 Nonwoven - Now Available! 

Since 1975, Tapetex designs, produces and distributes woven and nonwoven textile wallcoverings for the international contract and the high end residential market. Tapetex is known for their innovative production of natural raw materials, with a dedicated staff experienced working with natural fibres like linen, silk, wool and cotton. They believe it is their expertise, craftsmanship and focus that makes the difference. 

New Collection from Candice Olson.

August 01,2018

Candice Olson Living Well - Now Available!

When infused with the harmony, easy elegance and breathtaking beauty of the natural world, interiors will recharge and restore balance in connectivity with all living things. Enter a sanctuary of calm and grace which rejuvenates the human spirit. Have peace. Be strong. Live well.


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