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Mandy Budan

Thick paint, rich colour, strong rhythms and patterns define Mandy Budan's love of fine art. Mandy was born in Toronto, Canada in 1964. Mandy travels the beautiful Canadian countryside seeking out those perfect moments where light, colour and the landscape collide. Photos, sketches and memory come together in the studio as she strives to recapture those moments in a contemporary, abstract way.   "I am fascinated by the play of possibilities in taking apart the landscape and putting it back together as abstract form. My work has a more realist feel from a distance and is distinctly abstract up close." Come explore the beauty of Mandy’s art.

*Please note that colour cannot be altered in Mandy Budan designs*

Wallcovering Portfolio Collections

Almost Autumn

Along the River



Ebb & Flow

Haliburton Morning

One Fine Day


Standing Room Only

Summer in the Garden

Summer Medley



Living on The Edge

The Emperor

The Deep

Heart of Gold



Birch Light

Winter Warmth

Forest Tapestry

Standing Tall

Lady in Red


Summer Duet



Out Of The Blue

Summer Dreaming

Watershed Moment

Waterloo Fall

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